A renewed commitment to internal audit modernization March 27
Whether at the territorial, provincial or federal government level, internal audit plays a critical role in aiding executives in the performance of their  read more...

The evolution of service delivery March 24
New service delivery models have dramatically increased citizen expectations about the quality and delivery of public services, emphasizing lower costs, higher  read more...

Policy development in the digital age March 23
Last September the federal government announced a small business hiring credit. Asked to justify the policy, finance minister Joe Oliver cited analysis by the  read more...

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CGE appoints new editor-in-chief March 20
Canadian Government Executive Media (CGE) announced today that Patrice Dutil has been selected as editor CGE. Dutil is a professor and former chair in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University in Toronto. He brings  read more...

Coders find new apps in government data March 10
And then there were 15. Of 125 apps built from open government data for CODE 2015, fifteen are still in the hunt for a $15,000 grand  read more...

Digital Governance Forum keynote videos February 12
If you missed the Digital Governance Forum, hosted by the Institute on Governance and Canadian Government Executive, or wish to listen once again to two superb presentations from the event's keynote speakers, Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams, both  read more...

Systems evolution: A gigamap March 25
What is the central challenge facing government institutions and societies in coming decades? We define this challenge as Digital Era Governance, where information knows few boundaries, power is dispersed, and authority and accountability need to be reconceived.  read more...

Are we ready for robots? March 18
It's time to sound the alert about the rise of robots. They are becoming a ubiquitous feature of industrialized countries and will soon have a substantial impact on public organizations. Bill Gates and other electronic technology experts anticipate that the use of robots as commonplace as computers are today.  read more...

From wireless to wearables March 13
For skeptics, Google’s recent decision to abandon sales of its current iteration of Google Glass is mere confirmation that wearing technology is a step too far.  read more...


What we have here is failure to motivate

Leaders motivate. They nudge and cajole staff into inspired work, wielding monetary incentives when required, at least in the private sector. Without motivation, employees might wither and certainly wouldn’t shine. That’s a basic premise of leadership and managerial thinking. And it’s dead wrong...

The creativity of pairs

When you think of creativity and innovation in government, John Lennon and Paul McCartney probably don’t spring to mind. Neither worked in government and, indeed, they were anti-establishment types who you can imagine sneering at "government bureaucrats."

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The evolution of service delivery
on Friday, 27 March 2015 08:31
"outcomes rather than process" Love it.

The evolution of service delivery
on Thursday, 26 March 2015 10:58
I liked the article. It suggests that the choice is between outsourcing to private providers or internal capacity building within…

The evolution of service delivery
on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 16:08
Great article!

Reaching organizational goals through improved evaluation capacity
on Monday, 09 March 2015 10:14
Please post your website

Reaching organizational goals through improved evaluation capacity
on Sunday, 08 March 2015 11:56
Hello Isabelle and Brad: your entry certainly confirmed our experience establishing 'readiness' with partners prior to introducing Utilization-Focused Evaluation. The…

One step at a time February 17
In April 2014 the Environics Institute and the Institute on Governance surveyed Canadian attitudes toward major Canadian institutions. Not being an actual institution, public procurement was not mentioned: that was nice, because it was not pilloried yet again.  read more...

When actions speak louder than words January 13
The president of the Treasury Board gave a speech in November at the University of Ottawa for the launch of the Open Government Action Plan. His message was clear:  read more...

If it’s broken – fix it! December 15
Last month I supported the argument that if a received bid does not comply with some minor aspect of a call for bids, but the non-compliance will not put either the procurement or the resulting contract at risk, the bid should be accepted and the bidder given time to “fix” the problem.  read more...

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Jean-Francois Gauthier - Blood of Democracy March 26
Jean-Francois Gauthier, Founder of the Institute on Digital Governance, talks about why governments... Listen

Lori Stewart - Doing The Impossible March 25
Lori Stewart, Founder of Awesome Calgary and member of Mayor Nenshi’s 2010 campaign team,... Listen

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City recognized for green engagement
As a municipality that truly believes in fostering a culture of innovation, the City of Grande Prairie is a trailblazer for implementing new ideas that enhance  read more...

The digital town hall: Meeting citizen expectations through government websites
The Green Governance Award won by the City of Grand Prairie demonstrates that every day there are new examples of how citizens’ expectations of local  read more...

Grande Prairie recognized for online innovation
The City of Grande Prairie in Alberta has received a "green gov" award from Santa Monica-based Vision Internet, a government website  read more...

    Leader as hero: The power of commitment
When times get tough, we turn to leaders for courage. Yet rarely is courage found in the competency profile of any leadership  read more...

Great transitions: New Brunswick's approach to change in government
An element of democracy that people unaccustomed to freedom regard with awe is the peaceful transfer of power from one elected government to the next. Managing that transition is the highest calling  read more...

One step at a time
In April 2014 the Environics Institute and the Institute on Governance surveyed Canadian attitudes toward major Canadian institutions. Not being an actual institution, public procurement was not  read more...

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