Infinite development pathway May 4
Continuous, life-long learning is the future of the public service. Building the capacity of our workforce to meet new expectations and new ways of doing  read more...

Canada-China cooperation May 1
In January 2015, Chinese Ambassador to Canada, Luo Zhaohui wrote in the Globe and Mail that "developing China-Canada relations is like sailing against current.  read more...

Collaboration to counter threat explosion April 30
In Budget 2015, the federal government earmarked $58 million over five years to further protect its essential cyber systems and critical infrastructure and  read more...

In the News
Raising the cost-capability tradeoff stakes May 1
When you haven't built warships in decades and must wrestle with flat budgets and fewer human resources, how do you decide what ships to build and what capability to include in  read more...

Difficult decisions: Shipbuilding and cost-capability tradeoffs April 22
As one of the U.S. Defense Department's largest acquisition organizations, Program Executive Office, Ships oversees the design and construction of destroyers, amphibious ships, special mission and support ships, as well as a wide range of boats and  read more...

Youth career path app claims CODE 2015 grand prize April 4
Team Niew Labs was crowned grand champions of CODE 2015 last week, claiming a $15,000 prize for an app called Career Path aimed at helping Canadian youth discover, research, and choose future career  read more...

Raising the cost-capability tradeoff stakes May 1
When you haven't built warships in decades and must wrestle with flat budgets and fewer human resources, how do you decide what ships to build and what capability to include in them?  read more...

Digital diplomacy - #notdiplomacy April 8
Digital diplomacy has been heralded as 21st century statecraft. It involves using the Internet and social media platforms to communicate with citizens, businesses and non-state actors; promote national values; and build public support for policy goals or strategies.  read more...

Britain’s digital future April 7
On May 7, British voters will cast ballots and decide the fate of the current Coalition Government comprising Prime Minister Cameron’s Conservative Party and the more centrist-leaning Liberal Democrats.  read more...


Standing out

Many studies have shown that women are socialized to fit in, not stand out. But fitting in can leave you a follower, forever. To advance at work, you need to be noticed. You need to stand out.

The consequences of loss of focus

In 1994 psychiatrist Edward Hallowell coined the term “attention deficit trait” to describe a common problem he saw emerging in the workplace: The tendency to hop from task to task in a rush, without proper focus on what people were doing or should be doing.

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Rebuilding Canada's international capacity: Diplomatic reform in the age of globalization
on Friday, 17 April 2015 10:09
Enjoyed it.

The evolution of service delivery
on Friday, 27 March 2015 08:31
"outcomes rather than process" Love it.

The evolution of service delivery
on Thursday, 26 March 2015 10:58
I liked the article. It suggests that the choice is between outsourcing to private providers or internal capacity building within…

The evolution of service delivery
on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 16:08
Great article!

Reaching organizational goals through improved evaluation capacity
on Monday, 09 March 2015 10:14
Please post your website

Talk is cheap April 20
It is amazing how much information goes back and forth between a buyer and the supplier community during a procurement action. We can call it communicating, but at each step in the process there is a risk that communication will actually be little more than noise...  read more...

Strong project management framework leads to organizational success March 31
The economy is sluggish…oil prices are down…stock markets are up but continually volatile. Are we undergoing a New Year’s hangover in 2015?  read more...

One step at a time February 17
In April 2014 the Environics Institute and the Institute on Governance surveyed Canadian attitudes toward major Canadian institutions. Not being an actual institution, public procurement was not mentioned: that was nice, because it was not pilloried yet again.  read more...

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City recognized for green engagement
As a municipality that truly believes in fostering a culture of innovation, the City of Grande Prairie is a trailblazer for implementing new ideas that enhance  read more...

The digital town hall: Meeting citizen expectations through government websites
The Green Governance Award won by the City of Grand Prairie demonstrates that every day there are new examples of how citizens’ expectations of local  read more...

Grande Prairie recognized for online innovation
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    A curriculum fit for public service transformation
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The Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX) is talking the talk and walking the walk of continuous improvement. While not a government department, APEX continues  read more...

Rebuilding Canada's international capacity: Diplomatic reform in the age of globalization
The world is an ever more complicated place and diplomacy, the world’s second oldest profession, matters more than ever before. But it is a different form of diplomacy – embracing the tools of  read more...

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